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We position leaders to deliver on healthy and effective fundamental behavioral and business practice competencies in order to solve their performance problems.


We’ve spent over 30 years as licensed mental health practitioners, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and business advisors studying and applying human behavior and organizational development practices on what matters most to leaders, employees, and teams. Our experiences combined with our results was instrumental in the initial creation and development of the most inclusive, informative, and comprehensive yet easy to understand organizational diagnostic assessments, the Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠ (OES), and the Organizational Leadership Assessment℠ (OLA) 360 multi-rater. The OLA is planned for release in 2019.

We also know that a survey assessment alone will not produce the results leaders want to improve performance and business outcomes. We look at the performance of leaders and their organizations as a business improvement strategy and help leadership teams do the same, by using a methodology that best fits their needs. We set up and administer the OES and/or OLA 360 that produces information, recommendations/advise, tools, and resources to take action on the data results. Through our qualified organizational development consulting partners, the creation and implementation of a comprehensive organizational and/or leadership performance improvement plan is developed.

No matter your industry or challenge, we’re uniquely qualified to help you achieve a healthy and effective organization that drives improved business outcomes.

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Pointing Data to Performance – Empowering Leadership
What does the data tell you?

For most organizations, their employee assessment data gives them a snapshot of where they are and what happened but not why or what will happen next, only capturing part of the story. So, what’s the rest of the story?

Upstream with the Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠

Turning Data Into a Competitive Advantage

Turn your information from data into knowledge and detect, diagnose, and predict performance. Apply your acquired knowledge with intervention action strategies, and monitor outcomes that help to ensure an improved ROI.


What Makes Performance Dashboard’s OES the best measure of Organizational & Employee Health and Effectiveness?

How We Help Organizations and Leaders

OUR ONLINE ACCESS PROGRAM – Ask, analyze and take action – 24/7

Ready to Begin?
Performance Dashboard is your online program for organizational and employee health and effectiveness. With your own secure and private online access, you can administer the OES assessment, see comprehensive data results at a glance, or take a deep dive into the details and be empowered with recommended improvement plans to take action upon.

Since 2001, the Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠ (OES) has become internationally recognized as a statistically validated diagnostic assessment for helping leaders build and maintain healthy and effective organizations. The OES has been used by a wide range of organizations in many industries including multi-national and international corporations, small businesses, media, higher education, healthcare, federal and state government, non-profits, and more.

Dr. Cappy Leland: The Model of Organizational Health and Effectiveness

See what Performance Dashboard’s Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠ (OES) assessment can do for your organization. Empower Leadership with data-driven decision-making!

You get comprehensive data and information at a glance for management to make more informed and better decisions. As a result, leaders can forecast with laser-like focus on targeted growth strategies to gain competitive advantages. Schedule an OES Demo


Take Advantage of Research and Predictive Analytics
For over almost 2 decades, Performance Dashboard and our consulting partners have acquired the art of detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention to improve leadership and organizational performance. We provide at a glance comprehensive and complex report information that gives you predictive data analytics, strategy, and recommendations to solve key performance problems.

Here are a few performance challenges our organizational consulting partners and Performance Dashboard have helped leaders and organizations achieve improved ROI:

  • Creating a healthy and resilient culture with an eye for change and improvement.
  • Transforming skilled people into engaged employees committed to their work and company.
  • Increasing productivity through effective processes and systems.
  • Retaining satisfied customers and productive employees.
  • Improving sustainable revenue growth.

Pam Davis, VP OSU Alumni Association

The 7 At Risk Behaviors & Practices of Leadership

Let us help you make data work for you. Learn more about our performance analytics capabilities. Contact us for a free consultation in order to review and discuss your organization’s goals, ideas, direction, and vision.

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