What We Do: Customized Leadership Coaching

Develop leaders, managers, and team leaders to meet the ever-changing demands of their work environment.


Position leaders and managers to do what they do best and build upon growth and strength development opportunities to confidently create a high-performance work environment.

A Client Success: Leadership Coaching


Performance Dashboard and our Partners coaching practices collectively have over 30 years of experience as licensed mental health practitioners, certified executive coaches, and C-suite leaders studying and applying human behavior to self-development on what matters most to leadership. Our experience combined with our results are instrumental in the initial creation and development of the most inclusive, informative, and comprehensive yet easy to understand series of assessments, the Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠ (OES), and the Organizational Leadership Assessment℠ (OLA) 360 multi-rater. The OLA is planned for release in 2019. In addition, Performance Dashboard and our Partners are qualified on one or several of the following assessments:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ-I 2.0, 360 Emotional Intelligence
  • LES III, 360 Leadership Effectiveness Survey
  • VIA Character Strengths
  • Clifton StrengthFinder
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • MBTI, Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • FIRO-B, Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation-Behavior
  • TKI, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • CPI, California Psychological Inventory

We also know that behavioral assessments alone will not produce the results leaders want in order to enhance their performance to develop business outcomes. We look at the performance of leaders and their organizations coaching improvement strategy that best fits their personal and career objectives. Through our qualified executive coaches, the creation and implementation of a customized development improvement plan is an expected outcome.

No matter your industry or challenge, we’re uniquely qualified to help leaders and managers meet the ever-changing needs of their work environment.

Contact us and let us help you take leader, manager, and team leader development beyond training to a complete action plan and strategy.


Through Performance Dashboard and our executive coach Partners, we serve as the thinking and motivational teammate who works hard to help an employee gain insight on where to focus, find motivation to do the work, and develop the capabilities/skills to actually go out and do the work.


Linking Development Needs to Business Outcomes
Are your leaders and managers creating a high-performance workforce environment?

How employees view work is changing. They want more than a fair paycheck for their position within the same geographical region. They want purpose in their work, to do what they do best, to be recognized, and to learn and grow while working long and hard for leaders and managers who are people focused, empathetic, change mobilizers, conflict resolvers, and capable of identifying strategic goals. If leadership is not performing well around these expectations and competencies, good employees, if they have not already left, are thinking about leaving, or perhaps worse, will not put forth their best effort.

Leadership development involves helping individuals know their strengths and weaknesses, while better understanding what matters that is critically important to an ever-changing workplace environment. Doing so will help build a committed, energized, and productive workplace where leadership development clearly links to business outcomes.


Performance Dashboard and our Partner’s executive coaches prepare leaders, managers, and team leaders to respond effectively to individual and organizational change.

Our seasoned experience, knowledge, insight, and expertise guide our leadership development methodology.

We use a structured and goal-directed approach to enhance an employee’s motivation to take action and increase their learning agility. We engage in a deliberate process of observation, inquiry, and dialogue to help an individual and team members discover and commit to achieving goals. This makes the coach an idea, thinking, and accountability partner with the employee.

All coaching engagements begin with an understanding of a confidential relationship between the coach and individual employee. Often the relationship is with an individual whose organization is arranging and funding the engagement. It is our position that the relationship with the employee receiving coaching remains confidential and any reporting to the sponsoring organization about the employee is with permission from the employee.

Support development at the Leader, Manager, and Team Levels
In addition to video conferencing and on-site coaching sessions, Performance Dashboard and our Partners will typically use individual assessments, interest inventories, strengths building, and assigned reading materials. We customize solutions to help an employee grow personally and professionally.

Leadership, Manager, and Team Leader Development
We develop today’s leaders and managers and those of the future. We position your current and leaders and managers in training to be successful by helping them build on their personal and professional strengths, talents, and interests with laser-like focus.

Succession Planning
We help our clients prepare the way for the next generation of leaders and managers. Performance Dashboard helps identify selection and hiring practices to build your leadership team through data, assessments, and succession planning. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume important leadership roles.

Contact us and let us help you take leader, manager, and team leader development beyond training to a complete strategy to meet and exceed the demands of the work environment.

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