What We Do: Business Intelligence and Counsel


Cappy, Rob, and Pat have decades of entrepreneurial leadership and business experience. As former executives, we’ve initiated start-ups launched new ventures and grown organizations of all types: large and small, charitable foundations, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and web-based. One of the partners, Rob also leads a successful and growing law practice servicing individual and business clients.

The Wishons: Acquiring a Business

Our clients quickly discover that the partners bring such a wealth of experience that they can offer support and solutions within a multitude of business, organizational, and leadership development disciplines:

Business Sales, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures

We frequently help business owners through the steps of selling their business or transfer a business to new owners or family members through a comprehensive succession plan. We also help clients identify the value of opportunities through financial analysis and industry research. Integrating new business units or new startups is another area of experience where we can help with a post-deal action plan to take advantage of immediate opportunities, and help the organization develop and hold itself accountable to short-term goals that will establish a foundation for future success.

Business Valuations

We help owners understand the value of their business. We are often engaged to estimate the fair market value of a business by providing a restricted use, limited appraisal report. These valuations are advisory and are most often used for determining a reasonable value for a buy-out. Usually, this limited scope appraisal will involve a site review of the business, relevant interviews, market and industry research, and detailed analysis of at least 5 years of financial statements. Forward financial projections are also analyzed and developed or recast as necessary.

Dr. Cappy Leland Talks Aligning, Implementing, and Measuring

Business and Strategic Planning

We like to think of a strategic plan as the primary vehicle that can help an organization envision and realize a 5-year plan. It spells out the organizational details behind “where we are now, where we need to go, how we’ll get there, and how we know we’re getting there”. We have extensive experience in facilitating the ‘art of strategy and execution’, specifically strategic thinking and tactical planning initiatives. In 2001 we develop and published a proven methodology called AIM (Align, Implement, and Measure) for Success that is recognized as a “Best Practice” by the University of Continuing Education Association (UCEA). The 3-Step AIM for Success model identifies and documents a unified strategic direction: The details of persistently executing tactical plans, and measuring and monitoring progress to ensure success. We offer a positive accountability system that keeps the entire 3-Step AIM for Success process moving forward month-by-month with “return and report” meetings. Working towards established key business indicators, the AIM Model reinforces an interdisciplinary and participative environment that engages the entire organization.

Dr. Cappy Leland: Organizations have an Immune System

Operational, Human Resources and Leadership Development

We support leadership teams by conducting compensation studies and refining selection and hiring practices. We are qualified and/or certified in administering and reporting on various assessment tools such as the EQi- 2.0, 360 EQi-2.0, MBTI, and FIRO-B. We use these tools extensively in our individualized executive and leadership coaching to motivate improvement in social and emotional development. We often use video to help an employee improve presentation or meeting skills for web and other marketing or non-marketing applications. Watch the video below as we demonstrate this.

Bart Walker and Eric Houcek Discuss a Successful Job
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