What We Do: Strategic Planning and Execution


We position leaders to strategically AIM for Success to achieve higher performance and growth on individual, team, and organizational levels. AIM is an acronym we frequently use: Align people, Implement strategies, and Measure performance.


Over two decades ago Performance Dashboard developed the nationally known, award-winning, AIM for Success℠Strategic Planning and Performance Management Model℠.


The Strategy-to-Execution Gap

Why the gap between intended and actual performance?

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu-The Art of War

There’s a disturbing disconnect between the areas within an organization that create the overall corporate strategy and the tactics – action plans, processes, and the teams and employees required to implement or execute the corporate plan.

Most organizations have ambitious plans for higher performance and growth. Few ever realize them. From Performance Dashboard’s Organizational Effectiveness Survey℠ (OES) result data over a 7 year period, and other 3rd party research including an HBR article on The Office of Strategic Management by Kaplan and Norton, reveal that on average the majority of employees are unaware, or only somewhat aware of any written communications on strategic goals that have been translated into execution action plans with the related timelines. If employees who initiate processes that impact customers are unaware of strategy or don’t understand, they are not equipped with the knowledge to help implement it effectively.


Balancing Strategy and Execution

“Strategy is important. Figuring out what to do is important. Doing them and doing them well is equally important.” Andy Grove, Former CEO and Chairman of Intel Corporation

Strategy: “Where We Need To Go – What Needs to be Improved”

Execution: “How We’ll Get There”

Performance: “How We Know We’re Getting There”

Performance Dashboard has worked with organizations that have achieved performance breakthroughs by adopting our AIM for Success – Strategic Planning and Performance Management Model℠ methodology and its associated online tools to help them monitor the integrity of the performance data that guides the execution of their strategy.


Take Advantage of our Strategic Planning and Performance Management Model?

Our AIM for Success 3-Step process will map your future and awaken team members to effectively engage to achieve higher performance and growth on individual, team, and organizational levels.

Design your customized strategy performance management system to AIM for Success in 3-Steps.

AIM for Success 3-Step process

Cappy Leland, PhD Talks Aligning, Implementing, and Measuring

Within a fully developed and successfully executed 3-Step strategic plan there are three critical roles:

First – a leader in the organization who is committed to the strategic plan process. This person is the ‘Keeper of the Flame‘ who continuously keeps the reason and purpose of a strategic plan in the minds and hearts of all participating team members. They keep the passion burning and alive.

Second – select an individual or a strategic monitoring team who will act as the ‘Enforcer‘ or ‘Overseer‘ of the performance management implementation phase of the strategic plan. This ensures the plan is not only implemented, but implemented well!

Thirdidentify, document, and measure progress: “Where we need to go”, “How we’ll get there”, and “How we’ll know we’re getting there” to AIM for Success.

A successful ongoing fully executed strategic plan aligns and links people, functions, departments, units, and teams throughout the organization with the corporate vision, mission, and strategy. There becomes a widening body of engaged team members who support strategy and the execution of tactics and action items. An online performance management tool is used to regularly review progress and make course adjustments as needed to ensure ongoing completion of the strategic plan.

A Client Success: Strategic Planning
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