Organizational Health and Effectiveness

"The true measure of success for leaders is the health and effectiveness of their organizations". -Dr. Cappy Leland, Founder and CEO, Performance Dashboard.

"The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Yet, it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free, and available to anyone who wants it." -Pat Lencioni, Author, The Advantage-Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.

Healthy and effective organizations require a blend of soft human behaviors and hard fundamental business practices. Leadership in such an organization will have created a healthy and effective cultural environment that focuses on people, strategies, and performance. Another result: Organizational values would be congruent and consistent with the organization's core mission and vision. Healthy behaviors and effective practices are woven throughout the very fabric of the successful organization.

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM

Since 2002, the Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM (OES) has become an internationally recognized diagnostic assessment tool for helping leaders build and maintain healthy and effective organizations. The OES has been used by a wide range of organizations in many industries including multi-national corporations, small businesses, media, higher education, healthcare, federal and state government, non-profits, and more.

Developing an environment of effective leaders who align the hearts and minds of people with the organization's mission, values, strategies, and performance measures is a critical component to building an engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce.

Performance Dashboard offers the OES to identify both the strengths and challenges in front of leaders as they aspire to organizational health and effectiveness. Owned, developed, and published by Performance Dashboard, the OES provides measurable links between leadership behaviors and practices with practical business outcomes such as employee turnover, customer satisfaction, productivity, and profitability.

The OES is a better alternative to existing Web-Based culture assessment tools. The OES is easy to implement and provides comprehensive at-a-glance information about the overall health and effectiveness of an organization and its sub-cultures. Clients have secure access to an online dashboard that makes set-up, design, execution, and post-survey report generation easy and efficient.

The OES is the most comprehensive culture assessment tool on the market. It has a successful track record in a multitude of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Negative and dysfunctional behaviors and practices, if left undetected and unchecked, can threaten the organization's performance and growth. The OES also provides valuable treatment action plans (TAPs) targeted at areas of improvement along with a proven a 6-Step Performance Improvement Plan.

The OES reports on twenty-eight competencies within four categories: Effective Leadership, Engaged Employees, Strategy Implementation, and Performance Measurement. Change Readiness and Values Gap Analysis are also important parts of the OES.

Business Consulting

Organizations who AIM for Success--Align people, Implement Strategies, and Measure performance--are both effective and healthy.

Effective organizations have:

  • Leaders and managers who make informed decisions;
  • Clear mission, vision, values and strategic direction;
  • A system to implement strategies and measure performance;
  • Effective internal operational processes to meet and exceed customer expectations that drive financial returns, while...

Healthy organizations have:

  • Leaders and managers who know their individual strengths and weakness as well as those within their culture;
  • Engaged, motivated, and competent people whose hearts, minds, and talents are aligned with the organization's mission, vision, and values.

The Performance Dashboard team addresses issues of organizational effectiveness practices as well as healthy behaviors within the context of each client's business, and do so by avoiding activity traps that just help people "feel good". This approach is ineffective and unhealthy and this happens in many planning and teambuilding retreats and even executive coaching sessions. By following the foundational model of the 3-Step Performance Management and Continuous Process Improvement Methodology, leadership and support teams learn how to "feel good while being effective and healthy" as they identify, document, and implement important and critical organizational practices and behaviors to capture and maintain the competitive edge.

Following the 3-Step Performance Management Model, Performance Dashboard Consultants...

  • ...Are willing to address the "brutal facts" that bring obstacles and problems forward in order to effectively help clients overcome challenges to being productive and successful. We are concerned with building trust and respect with clients, and yet, be willing to have those crucial conversations when the stakes are high.

  • ...Are determined to tap into the intellectual and emotional capital of clients ideas to prompt spontaneous and "out of the box" thinking.

  • ...Focus on the collective input from all participants in order to capture short and long term buy-in to organizational performance initiatives. Avoidance of this invites potential lack of engagement and even sabotage in implementing important and critical strategic initiatives, which are needed to meet organizational targets and remain competitive.

Our strategy, performance improvement, and executive coaching consulting sessions address organizational health and effectiveness concerns that an organization is currently experiencing. The deliverables focuses on successfully identifying and achieving the organizational needs.

OESSM Brochure

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) detects effective behaviors and practices, as well as early indicators of organizational "toxicity" or "at risk" behaviors and practices.

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Engagement and Alignment Pays!

Engagement and Alignment Pays!
It is beyond dispute: An organization with an engaged employee culture makes a difference to the bottom-line of the organization. And, engagement and alignment can be measured...

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OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes

OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes
This chart draws a direct line between high-level business outcomes and our survey questions of the Organizational Effective Survey....

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OESSM Comparison to Competitors

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) is the most comprehensive culture assessment tool on the market. It has a successful track record in a multitude of industries, both nationally and internationally.

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