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Known to his friends as "Cap", Dr. Leland had a dream of providing tools to leadership in organizations that would make it possible to tap into the individual need to belong and contribute to the success of the enterprise. In short, he had a vision of developing ways to measure organizational health and then providing leaders the tools to improve it.

His experiences in the public and private sectors taught him that organizations were focusing too many resources and too much energy on expensive systems and processes and ignoring the benefits that could come from improving the overall health of the organization. Besides, investments in systems and processes are often less costly with a fully energized and effective organization!

So began Cap's journey to develop the Organizational Effectiveness Survey, and his 3-Step Strategic Planning tools.

These tools were brought together under Performance Dashboard in 2001 and have been used internationally to move organizations to higher levels of performance and profitability.

Cap, Pat, and Rob represent a broad base of experience and education in a variety of industries and disciplines. They are ready to help you use Cap's tools at Performance Dashboard-The true measure of success for leaders.

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OESSM Brochure

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) detects effective behaviors and practices, as well as early indicators of organizational "toxicity" or "at risk" behaviors and practices.

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OESSM Comparison to Competitors

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) is the most comprehensive culture assessment tool on the market. It has a successful track record in a multitude of industries, both nationally and internationally.

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AIM for Success... An organization is healthy and effective when leadership creates a culture where people, strategies, and performance are aligned, implemented and measured. A healthy and effective organization achieves goals and outperforms their challengers.

Industries and Solutions... Performance Dashboard provides performance management solutions to a wide range of organizations from international corporations, to small businesses, to higher education, to federal and state government, to non-profits and more.

See how we're different... While each of our Performance Management Products and Consulting Services can stand-alone, they are designed to complement each other to grow healthy and effective organizations, and unlike many of our imitators, all are available from one point of supply, Performance Dashboard.